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CLEVERHAND IMEXCO. Ltd. is newly found in 2007. We are small group of people who highly appreciate hand-made things in our homeland of Vietnam. We have involved in exporting hand-made articles for over ten years. Our business has been fortunately expanding until the time we feel we need to have our own company so that we can better promote and develop hand-made things from Vietnam.

Our traditional market is Europe, Australia, the USA and Japan, mostly indoor things. We started supplying our outdoor items only six years ago, outdoor collection  has fast grown up to meet wide range of taste in the field.  

Our philosophy is to develop small and medium, mostly family-owned businesses scattered in the rural areas of Vietnam. We aim to bring to the world the skillful handy craft of Vietnamese artisans, craft people who are mostly farmers to improve their income and have a better life.

In so doing, we wish to make a positive contribution to both, you, our customers and small local manufacturers. We strive to 

-       Provide you, our customers, with products of good quality and on time at reasonable prices.-      Create new interesting and trendy products for your next season.

-       Support local manufacturers in improving quality and finding new materials…

-       Contribute to the development and sales of environmentally friendly products utilizing local renewable materials.

-       And finally contribute to improving the living standard of rural craft people. Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers or Retailing Chains  are warmly welcome to visit our website, showroom or manufacturers in Vietnam. We appreciate long-term business cooperation. 

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