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Orient Vietnam company limited ( Co. Ltd ), found in 2001 by the License no. issued by Vietnam Ministry of Commercial, is a company which professionally do business in field of agricutural products. From a trading company, Orient Vietnam transformed to be co-owners of numbers of factories producing Vietnam agricutural products through the holding of huge stocks. Our range of products expanded from merely tea to spices and industrial canned foods. After decades of development, Orient Vietnam still keeps the dramatic increase in both productivity and revenue year by year, committing to promote the value of Vietnam agricutural products. With the proper orientation and the enthusiasm of the entire leadership and collective officers and workers, Orient Vietnam aims to be amongst the top agricutural companies in area and the world which links the Vietnam farms with international market as well as share some of our tropical flavors with the world. It is our keeness to establish long-term business relationship with potential importers.


With the role of a professional company in agricuture, Orient Vietnam possibly provides a wide range of agricutural products as below:

-        Tea: With factories and tea plantations in main tea fields in Vietnam, Orient Vietnam is competent to supply: Vietnam Green tea, Vietnam Orthodox Black tea, Vietnam CTC Black tea, Vietnam Bulk tea, etc. Our tea products are quite good in appearance, taste as well as water color at competitive price.

-     Spice : With a chain of collecting representatives in Vietnam Northern provinces as well as Laos and Cambodia, our spice products, especially cinnamon/ cassia and star aniseed, possibly meet any requirements from customers.

-   Canned vegetables: With factories allocated in main plains of North Vietnam, we can supply canned vegetables like canned tomatoes or pickled cucumbers/ gherkins with high quality that can meet the strict requirements of proverty nations such as Europe, United States of America.


Deeply understanding the importance of clean and safety foods with human’s health, Orient Vietnam took efforts to afford the standards of certificates which consumers can rely on as below:

-         US FDI/ SID

-         ISO 9001/ 2000


·        Chairperson: MRS. Ha Ta thi thu

-         BA Degree of Industrial food technology at Food Technology University

-         BA Degree of Business Management at National Economic University of Vietnam

-         Vice manager of Finance at Vietnam Agricutural Bank

·        Co-founder/ Executive Advisor: Mr. Shan Ng.

-         BA Degree of Agricutural technology at Agicutural University of Vietnam

-         MBA at La Trobe University

-         Senior Advisor for Vietnam Government

·        Chief of Finance: Mrs. Ha Ng. Thi

-         BA Degree of Business Accountant at Finacial Academy of Vietnam

-         Vice manager of Financial staff at Vietnam Chemical Coporation

·        Business Manager: Mr. Viet Ng.

-         BA Degree of International Commercial law at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam