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About LinkOrient

Link Orient Company Limited (LinkOrient Co., Ltd) is an handicraft manufacturing company in Vietnam. We specialize in making HIGH QUALITY HAND CRAFTED PRODUCTS: PITH HELMET WITH FITTINGS AND CERAMICSWARES. A wide range of products include: clay candle chimeneas, ceramic candle holder, ceramic decorative vases, ceramic flower pots, ceramic dinning sets, terracotta pots and vases, clay bird houses, ceramic bird feeders, ceramic bird baths, pith helmets, ceremonial helmets, antique helmet replicas and helmet fittings, accessories. Our products are diversified in styles, materials, colors, and sizes. 

Our mission is to seek and link traditional values with the modern designs in order to create unique and quality handmade products for our customer worldwide.

Please visit our frequently updated website (http://linkorient.trustpass.alibaba.com) for your latest information and new products / designs. 

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Nguyen Quynh Nga