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Established in 1998, Phuminh company is a private enterprise specializes in producing rattan & bamboo handicraft items. The products are primarily channeled to international markets through export. The company employs more than 500 workers with professional skills in making and marketing bamboo & rattan handicraft items. Phu Minh’s expertise covers production of rattan & bamboo handicraft items, excellent human resource management, and well-equipped facilities; in last year (2007), we achieved annual sales of 5.5 million US dollars. We are still driving growth by strengthening existing business relationship as well as developing new customer base. 


Over the past few years, we have built trust and strong relationship with international clients such us Wal-Mart (USA) , Tchibo (Germany), and Muji (Japan), and we understand that quality is the foundation of our growing business. 


We use mainly natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, waterhyazinth, sea-grass, fern, jute and creeper …etc in our products. On top of sourcing from a wild range of raw materials , Phu Minh has the knowledge of utilizing each of the materials’ characteristics in order to provide a variety of products, including the most creative designs and shapes .


The company owns several contemporarily designed warehouses which are well-equiped with up-to-date standardized facilities, such as carbonizing machine, color spraying depot, steaming and air-conditional storage amenities. The production line also has a fire prevention system to meet the European standard.


The production network includes not only the 500 workers in our factories, but also thousands of workers in different parts of Northern Vietnam contracted by the Company. These contracted workers reside in traditional handicraft villages and can be teamed up to meet orders with large quantity in an efficient and flexible fashion. 


export business and are extremely efficient in designing customized samples that cater to different markets’ needs. 
We look forward to starting a long term collaborative relationship with your esteemed Company, and we believe the partnership will bring success to both partiesA