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VIET XANH AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS PROCESSING., JSC, as a producer and a grower-exporter with systematic & streamlined production and fundamentally sound farm operations, can undertake a growing, processing and supply program round the year against any specific requirement to meet any international demand.


Our products like gherkins (in natural vinegar/acetic acid/brine), pickled onions (in brine /acetic acid), baby corn are a big success in various international markets. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Russia, Korea, and Japan are but a few of the countries wherein our esteemed clientele vouch for our supreme quality products. The products are available in bulk barrels and also in Cans and Bottle Jars


The Process


With thousands of farmers in hundreds of villages spread across the fertile pockets, in addition to our own 250 acres corporate growing system, the largest producer of Gherkins, Tomatoes and Pineapple in Vietnam. To guarantee high quality of produce, qualified professionals scientifically monitor the whole process of growing. Our cultivation processes are strictly as per international standards and requirements on pesticides.


Further,Our has in place, post-harvest handling systems to ensure careful and expeditious handling of the fruits to ensure maximum freshness, color and quality.

The 50,000 sq.ft. built-in processing plant surrounded by ample storage area - handles 50-60 metric tons of fresh produce per day. On arrival at the factory, the produce are processed in brine/natural alcohol vinegar/acetic acid or customized recipe. Washing, grading and packing is fully automated with sophisticated imported machinery. Every single fruit is passed through rigorous quality control regulations and checked for substandard produce. Absolute hygiene is adhered to with clinical precision by workers, management and guests alike.


The Quality


Our‘s commitment to total quality starts right from the choice of seeds, which are procured only from premium seed producers in the international market. Stringent quality control measures are adopted during procurement and disbursement of seeds to the farmers. The proposed farmland is first tested for suitable soil conditions and only those that prove satisfactory are chosen for the cultivation purpose in addition to various pre-qualification processes that a farmer / farmland has to undergo to enroll in our contract farming system.


Periodic test / inspections are conducted on the fields for incidence of diseases, pests and weeds and remedial actions taken promptly. We also carry out farmer education programs for updating them on the latest farming techniques.


All raw materials including the water used for processing are subject to thorough inspection and approval by our Quality Audit Department. Our qualified chemists, microbiologists and food specialists supervise and ensure continual quality monitoring throughout the process. They are supported by a full-fledged laboratory.


We have traceability systems in place on the whole operation which provides us the required data and for continual improvement.